If you really care about the person you are dating, it’s important for them to know how you feel. It’s sometimes easy to assume the person you love knows how you feel. Most guys don’t understand the power of words and the needs of some women for more assurance. In your mind, you told her you loved her three months ago—so she certainly remembers that, right? Ladies, most guys don’t get it when it comes to verbal and emotional assurances. So don’t overreact. Most men learn this over a long period of time. Guys, there are many things you can do and say to her show her that she’s very important to you. Trust me, she will love your efforts. Here are just a few simple ideas to communicate your affection for her.

1- Spend time with her.
2- Take an interest in the details of her life.
3- Smile, make eye contact.
4- Truly listen to her.
5- Buy her gifts from time to time – it doesn’t matter the size or price, it truly is the thought the counts.
6- Invite her to be a part of events with your other friends and family.
7- Surprise her with a special date night.
8- Help her with some of the everyday chores she faces (wash her car, etc.).
9- Be more open about how you feel – she wants to know what’s going on in your head and heart.