What happens to your body when you cut?

     If you’re a cutter, you might think it’s helping you feel better about the deep emotional pain you feel. But the truth is: cutting is a counterfeit helper. It promises relief from the hurt you’re feeling, but it only ends up making the heartache even worse. If your thumb hurts, it doesn’t make sense to cut off your foot. In the same way, making yourself bleed is no way to take care of your very real emotional and spiritual needs. You cutting yourself merely covers over the deeper emotional pain you’re feeling. But like every other addiction, it’s far too much medicine for the sickness, and will come back to haunt you. Nonetheless, you or someone you know cuts for the benefits you get from it. In fact, as someone once said, for every thrill…there is a chill. So let’s not deny, with cutting there is some kind of a thrill.
     So...what happens to your body when you cut?     You Trigger Your Body’s Chemistry
The body naturally produces a chemical compound called endorphins. Endorphins are released to help the body deal with pain and stress. In fact, endorphins cause an actual high designed to cover over real physical pain. And cutting causes real physical pain. You might have heard of “runners high”? This is simply the release of endorphins into the bloodstream when someone puts their body through something extremely physically challenging. This high, or euphoria, is extremely addictive. Much of the same thing happens when you cut. Your brain is flooded with endorphins, which gives you a rush, and a sense of calmness and relief that makes you feel like everything is ok. So in the end, cutting is rather simple to explain. It’s someone like you or me, who uses self-inflicted pain to get a high, in order to self-medicate our pain with a temporary feel good. The problem is the feel good quickly can turn to a feel bad, or worse, to an addiction.