Questions to ask you new Boyfriend...

  • Do you feel like your emotions are being played with?
  • Does he say one thing and do another?
  • Does he say he loves you, and then doesn’t act like it? (Many people will rush into saying “I love you” before they even know who the other person is. People do this because they want to hear they are loved themselves.)
  • Does he want to spend meaningful time with you?
  • Does he treat you with respect?
  • Does he speak well of you to other people?
  • Does he give you freedom or try to control you?
  • Does he respect and want to protect your body? (A heavy sexual relationship seldom lasts. It cannot bear the pressure of intimacy without love and commitment.)
     Loving relationships are not destructive, manipulative, or selfish, and can lead to a true and lasting commitment.